Psychosis 101: Signs, Symptoms & Resources

Psycho-whaaa?? Yeah, we thought you might say that.

We’re throwing a spotlight on the darkest corner of mental health because psychosis is more common, and more treatable, than most of us realize. We can’t get help for what we don’t understand. But with the right kind of support, we can get (and stay) strong. Here’s what you need to know about psychosis:

Brain question marks

What is psychosis?

What we know – and what we don’t.

Starry sky know the signs

Know the signs

It can be a lifesaver.

How common is it robots

How common is it?

Who’s affected?


What causes psychosis?

What stress has to do with it.


What increases my risk?

Arm yourself with the facts.

Basketball hoop

Why stress matters.

Stress sucks. Here’s how to zap it.

Man waiting

I think I have psychosis.

How can I be sure?

People in line

Is it possible to recover?

How long does it take?


Not everyone hears voices.

But here’s how to cope if you do.

Ok smarty pants, here’s what’s next:

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