What We’re About

StrongMinds Project is dedicated to dispelling myths about psychosis and advocating for earlier and better support and treatment. We were brought to life by the National Youth Leadership Board at Partners for StrongMinds – a group of passionate teens and 20-somethings who know what it’s like to face a mental health challenge.

5 things you need to know about us:  


We’re a platform for change.

StrongMinds Project is shortening the path to effective, life-saving help for individuals with psychosis — one of the most misunderstood health issues affecting young people today.  By providing critical information and resources, and showcasing personal stories of finding acceptance, hope and inspiration through tough times, our dream is to redefine seeking help as a sign of strength.


We know you’re on the front lines.

1 in 5 teenagers experience a brain disorder in the U.S. That’s 5 million teens who could benefit from some kind of support.  And guess who they reach out to first? Not parents. Not doctors. It’s you. Their BFF. Their squad. We’re here to help you to know how to support a friend who is struggling.


We’ve been there, too.

We know what it’s like when a mental health condition throws you a curveball. If you’ve been there too, this is a place to stay strong by connecting with resources and a caring community.


We’re pushing for brighter futures – not pills.

There are a lot of ways to find recovery. Medications can be an important one, but supports such as therapy and help with school or work can be just as important. We’re focused on helping you uncover what works for you.


We’re done with silence. We’re taking action.

Brain disorders aren’t shameful. What is shameful: Allowing treatable conditions to escalate into personal devastation because we feel silenced or because specialized care is unavailable.

It’s the golden age of brain discovery. Technology advances are changing the way we access health care. And we have a scientifically tested early treatment model for psychosis that is changing futures.

You can do your part by raising a hand for yourself or a friend in need of support, and spreading the message that getting help sooner can be a lifesaver.

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